This what they said...

Susie Wiles said...

‘Hey guess what…….. it is so amazing right now. I can get up from the ground on my own, I am losing weight,fitter, and I am truly smiling in my spirit and mind for the first time that I can remember. My doubt in myself is decreasing and the words “I can’t” have changed to “I am currently working on that”. You are a large part of that.
Small changes. Thank you.’ Susie

Trevor Laughton said...

‘As one of your clients we can both be assured that I am no page 4 model but I do have more energy to play with my 6 year old daughter and she loves me more than she would any model. That’s what matters to me. Keep it coming.’ Trevor Laughton

Jol Reid said...

'In 2011 I strained my shoulder playing (throwing) my godson in the pool. Thinking nothing of it things got progressively worse over the next 18 months to the point my shoulder was waking me up at night, aching at my desk, even hurting when I ran. I finally decided to do something was when I could no longer play with my children or pick up my 20kg 6year old daughter and put her in bed! Going to the physio I was given the usual array of band exercises and treatments but no real change.

I met Frank by chance in the gym when he gave me a spot as I struggled with a bench press. From there Frank diagnosed my cuff injury (same as the physio) and proceeded to instruct on how to stretch and develop the muscles in my back to put my shoulder in the correct position. 3 months movement and strength was returning as well as my family lifestyle and being able to play with my kids. After 6 months I could pick my daughter up and put her in her bunk bed.' Jol Reid

Sharlene Hellmuth said...

‘Over the past two years of attending boot camp, there have been many times that I could have just given up due to sickness and injuries. But bootcamp has given me the inner strength and desire to keep going, not only has it changed what I eat but also the way I tackle everyday challenges. Now I’m not afraid to tackle any obstacles that Frank throws our way.’ Sharlene Hellmuth

Madison Charles said...

Hey frank,
I just wanted to say a massive thank you for all of your help since we’ve started training

You’ve helped me realise things that I wasn’t dealing with I’m more aware of my surroundings and listening to my body

I’ve never seen results so quickly through out all of my training. If it wasn’t for you i’d still be walking around in pain and psycholgically not in a good place, I’m pain free and mentally stronger but i know i still have alot to work on. I can’t wait to see more results, it continues to motivate me.

Laura Christopher said...

‘Last year I decided that I needed a new personal trainer, when I exercise this normally involves wearing fewer clothes than I would in public and sweat and tears. I needed someone to steer me through this delicate journey whilst both challenging and supporting what I wanted to achieve.

After much deliberation, Frank’s bio…struck a chord with me. Since beginning this journey and with Frank’s support and encouragement; I’ve met substantial improvements not just to my physical health, but spiritual and emotional well-being. Sometimes when you think that you can’t do something, all it takes is someone else to have the faith in you that you can. I’m slowly beginning to realise that just maybe I can get my life back to some level of control.’

Laura Christopher.

Laura’s success is an inspiration now with a beautiful baby boy.

Terese O'Brien

Frank has had an extraordinary impact on our 25 year old son, Dominic. Prior to working with Frank, Dominic was not engaging in any form of regular exercise. A year on, the situation is vastly different. Frank’s sympathetic and insightful approach with Dom, put him at ease quickly and allowed him to feel comfortable and understood. He designed programs which were manageable and directly suited to Dom’s state of fitness. Frank’s ongoing attention to the whole person, to building self-belief, motivation and inspiring Dom to take on new challenges, has been outstanding. His gentle support has opened up possibilities for Dom for which we are extremely grateful.

Terese O’Brien

Dominic is an awesome young man with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) that I had the privilege of training for over twelve months.